One of the most important values in life is having mantras that you live by.

If there is anyone I know that truly takes advantage of all that life has to offer,  it’s my good friend Charles H. Galbreath Jr.  He’s a Juvenile Justice Consultant by day and official “Fun Ambassador” by night who effortlessly conquers the NYC jungle during the week and travels to the Show Me State (Missouri) on the weekends.

In other words, you can hardly catch him in, because he’s VERY busy!


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That’s why I’m so happy to feature him on the blog!

Anyone that has that grueling schedule and manages to have a fun active personal life, has to have great philosophies to share!

So, I caught up with him while he was in town for a fun impromptu photo shoot and to get some tips on how to tackle life with confidence.



TLC:  Over the years, I have watched you successfully acclimate to many different cities.  How do you conquer new territories with ultimate style and grace?

CHGJ:  Style doesn’t need a passport.  Wherever you go, pack your shine and your greatness.  All that’s great about you must go everywhere you go!



TLC:  Yessssss!!!!! You pack your shine and greatness, but how do you proceed with caution in life?

CHGJ:  That’s easy!  You can’t be afraid of danger. You never know what’s on the other side of danger, but when you slow down it gives others a chance to look at you.



TLC:  I’m going to scream because I love that!!!  Okay, after all of that, what do you do when the world says “you can’t sit with us”?  It never fails, there is usually someone or something that comes in your way when you’re trying to move onward and upward.
CHGJ:  Me and rules never get along.  Sometimes you have to create your own parking space.  Where there are no parking lines create your own.

Signs are for everyone else!

TLC:  Signs are for everyone else!!  Please get something to revive me, because that is freaking amazing!!!  

So, we randomly stumbled upon a woman with a snake and you went from slightly fearful to an ultimate snake holding pro within minutes.  

I have to ask, what is the sexiest way possible to overcome your fears?  We both know the importance of “keeping it cute” regardless of what’s going on in your life!

CHGJ:  Ooohhh the sexiest way possible…I love that!

You can’t care what fear says!   You have to rock the hell out of whatever you’re doing, but always look good while you’re doing it.  No one knows you’re afraid if you look good.


TLC:  That is soooooooo true!    

Okay, last question.  There has to be a special access code to live a fun filled life.   What is it?  

CHGJ:  Ummm…zero “phucks” given.  Bust the door down.

Always roll with someone who knows you are the “ish!”


Well friends, hopefully you will take away a bit of inspiration to help you along in life.

Do you have your own set of life commandments you swear by?  I would love to hear about them!